What can Link2Net do?

  1. Risk Management Consulting
    Link2Net can help with all aspects of the decision making process. We can articulate and we can quantify the choices.
  2. Review and/or Assist Your Analysis
    Link2Net can help you with your analysis. Alternatively, Link2Net can independently verify your analysis.
  3. Hedge Program, Attribution, and Reserve Calculation Implementations
    Link2Net can inspect your ongoing processes; advise you on other practices and considerations; help implement new hedge strategies.
  4. Abacus
    Link2Net can guide you in the use of Abacus.

What can Abacus do?

  1. Simple and Flexible
    Abacus models GMDB, GMWB, GMIB, and GMAB types of guarantees. Its set up is very intuitive and has tremendous flexibility in defining policies and guarantees.
  2. Attribution
    Abacus is preset with an attribution module that may be used for any periodicity.
  3. Reserve Calculations
    Abacus, very efficiently, utilizes an external scenario set in a nested stochastic calculation. The stochastic-on-stochastic results are highly customizable to produce net present value (NPV) and necessary sensitivities.
  4. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Abacus can and does much more.